Join Mosaic Press for an Exciting 2023 Internship!

Mosaic Press, a publishing house in Oakville, is offering a 12-week internship for 2023. Gain practical experience in the book industry, sales, and marketing. Work flexibly in-office and virtually.

Internship Details:

  • Hands-on experience in book industry, with a focus on sales and marketing.
  • Assist with book promotions, market research, social media, and sales initiatives.

Please Submit resume and indication of interest in the book industry and sales/marketing. Candidates from diverse backgrounds are particularly encouraged to apply.

Don't miss out on this enriching opportunity! Apply now by emailing your resume to info(at)mosaic-press(dot)com  We look forward to reviewing...

November 2021 Updates

Mosaic Press attended the recent Frankfurt Book Fair October 20-24th, 2021. The Fair was a significantly reduced one compared to previous year. However, credit is due to the organizers as the logistics of running a book Fair during the Covid era are most complex. High compliments to the FBF for making it happen and making it safe.
In spite of the dramatically reduced attendance at the FBF, Mosaic Press did have 44 meetings with publishers from many of the EU countries, a few from Asia and the Middle East.
In addition, the FBF did interview...

Mosaic Press Announces Partnership with Cine-Books Entertainment Inc.

Mosaic Press is very pleased to announce that it has concluded an Agreement with Cine-Books Entertainment Inc relating to thirty new Mosaic Press titles for the development of digital books in the form of audiobooks, ebooks and illustrative audiobooks. The Agreement will be further expanded for many more Mosaic Press books in the coming months and years.

Mosaic Press recognizes that digital books are the new territory and the next frontier of successful publishing. Indeed, it is our belief that digitization and digital books,...

Taste of Evil | By Tony Aspler & Gordon Pape Just released and already the First Foreign Rights Sale


At the recent Frankfurt Book Fair, Tony Aspler & Gordon Pape's just released novel, Taste of Evil elicited considerable interest from publishers in Poland, France, Albania, Germany, Monaco, Romania.

Today, Mosaic Press is proud to announce that it has successfully negotiated the world Arabic Rights Sale of Taste of Evilto Al Mahrousa Center for Publishing in Cairo, Egypt. 

Mosaic Press is always interested in reaching out to important and innovative publishing companies...