The Vampire Stories of Nancy Kilpatrick

Nancy Kilpatrick

The Vampire Stories of Nancy Kilpatrick

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“Her vampires are metaphors for predatory energy.”
The National Post

“Nancy Kilpatrick is Canada’s Queen of the Damned.”
The Ottawa Citizen

“Nancy Kilpatrick’s command of the language is precise, sensual, and addictive, drawing you sinuously from one page to the next. Do yourself a favor and let her lure you down the less trodden paths of desire and danger!”
P.N. Elrod, author of The Vampire Files

The Vampire Stories of Nancy Kilpatrick reflect the dark side of humanity, including our desires for passion, longevity, power, creativity and control. The volume contains 19 of her very best stories. They include: Theatrical Vampires, Erotic Bloodsuckers, Mythological & Historical Revenants, Bats with Bite and The Unquiet Undead.

Nancy Kilpatrick is an internationally renowned, award-winning author of 30 books, including 17 novels, 5 collections of short stories and has edited 8 anthologies. Her works are acclaimed in the genres of dark fantasy, horror, fantasy and mystery. Her highly praised series Power of the Blood World was published by Mosaic Press and has been translated into numerous languages including Spanish, French, German and Italian.


Nancy Kilpatrick

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