The Pink Puppet: A Book Of Tales

Robert Hilles

The Pink Puppet: A Book Of Tales

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A significant addition to the Mosaic Press Flash Fiction Library
by the Governor General's Award Winner

 The Pink Puppet now extends Robert Hilles' literary reputation into the world of Flash Fiction. The twenty-six pieces span many time periods and locations. Here is what the Author says about this literary form:

" I came to flash fiction through the prose poem. But now I am drawn to flash fiction because the form presents opportunities neither in the prose poem nor longer fiction allows. I like the rudeness and brevity of them. Unlike the prose poem, flash fiction focuses on key fictional elements like character, plot, dialogue, and drama. It is the drama and precision of the form that draws me to flash fiction. I like that in as little as one to three pages it is possible to convey complex relationships between characters. The briefness of the form presents huge challenges to writers, but it is that brevity that has allowed flash fiction to thrive over the past few decades. A key reason that readers are drawn to flash fiction is because in a few minutes of reading they can take in an entire story. The form demands as much of readers as it does of writers. The success of the form can be attributed to the fact that writers have found ways to convey in miniature a much larger story. Over the years I have written a number of flash fiction stories, but The Pink Puppet is the first time I have composed a whole book of them."

Critical acclaim for Robert Hilles literary works:

"...this novel is a marvel. Reading it I felt as if I were in the hands of a Master, who had much to teach me about love, its many origins, and the inevitability of coincidence."

- Susan Musgrave

 "This is a novel about individuals who try to come to terms with the past. The results are quite remarkable. Graphic and mesmerizing in its detail...Unforgettable."

- Alistair MacLeod

"...powerful and beguiling and features monents of solemn grace and terrifying intensity...His prose is taut, pared down and powerful..His characters are superbly crafted. You genuinely ache for them."

- Hamilton Spectator

Robert Hilles is one of the most renowned writers of Canada. He has published four novels, seventeen books of poetry and two non-fiction books. He has won numerous awards and prizes and continues to be one of the most innovative and creative forces in literature in Canada.

(See and his youtube channel).

Pub. Date: Spring 23

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5.5 X 8 inches
120 Pages
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