The Day the Rains Came

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The Day the Rains Came

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This collection of…how to describe it? Flash fiction, short stories, fables, memories, tales, and yarns, are all mysteriously spun out of the very deep, extended, chaotic, intense, personal experiences of a unique, one-of-a-kind person. How to describe this author? In his own words, David Wolinsky writes:

“The author is a retired army officer, entertainment attorney, restaurateur, businessman, and currently, a writer. He is a former member of Mensa and the Alliance of Cinema, Television and Radio Artists. He has three sons, the eldest is an accomplished Assistant U.S. Attorney for the state of California, his middle son is an international award-winning Associate Creative Director for Apple, and his youngest, is a successful corporate attorney and a professional consummate executive chef. The author lives in the Pacific Northwest with his cat Barney.”

Some very insightful and famous people have tried to characterize this book as follows...

“David Wolinsky’s The Day the Rains Came, his new well-crafted and imaginative collection of short stories, is funny, irreverent, sometimes surprising, and, above all, highly entertaining. I count it as offering some of the best Jewish humour of recent times. Step aside, Mel Brooks!”

 — Philip Slayton, bestselling author, Rhodes Scholar

What do Klaatu the alien, Sebastian the assassin, the late Orville Redenbacher, and the planet Xngpilzian have in common? The answer: they all appear in this book, which springs from the fertile, if somewhat twisted, imagination of one David Wolinsky, a retired lawyer, restauranteur, and Canadian army officer. What Mr. Wolinsky has clearly not retired from is humour, which is the ingredient shared by this bizarre but delightful collection of short stories. This is no ordinary book of short stories. It’s funnier!!!”

—Michael Posner, award-winning writer, playwright, journalist, and author of three volumes of Leonard Cohen, Untold Stories

“I have known Badass Humor-Writer David Wolinsky for just under a decade. Once, his erudite wit caused me to publicly snort chicken noodle soup out of my nose...but I was innocent, his insane brand of funny was the culprit.”

 Frannie Sheridan, actress, humourist, and author of Confessions of a Jewish Shiksa