The Celine Bower Story

Carly Brown

The Celine Bower Story

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Celine Bower is a hometown girl living the quiet life and a successful veterinarian. She is twenty-six year sold. Then, she is drugged, kidnapped and gang-raped. The local police seem to be unable to find out who did it. Celine and her best friend dream of ways of getting even with the men responsible for her trauma and the crime. Thoughts of revenge consume Celine.


Then a seemingly supernatural force gives her a sudden insight into who her unknown attackers are and also where she can find them. Systematically and unknown to anybody, she seeks out the assailants and strikes back viciously seeking her revenge Everyone in town begins to look for the mystery woman committing these acts of vengeance. Can Celine keep her true identity secret while she creates this new vengeful creature? Can she eliminate these predators before her own identity is revealed?