Tender in the Age of Fury by Brandon Pitts

Brandon Pitts

Tender in the Age of Fury by Brandon Pitts

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“Pitts’ work is visceral, political, irreverent, historical, biblical, romantic, vulgar and lyrical. You really need to hear those words and rhythms.”
— Cathy McKim, Life With More Cowbell

“Here is that rarest of things in poetry these days: a unique voice. One that is neither obscurantist nor self-indulgent. Brandon Pitts inhabits a kind of wild west biblical terrain peopled by gunfighters
and long-bearded prophets. a land that most of his fellow poets don’t even know exists and wouldn’t dare visit if they did. Bob Dylan has prospected there. Nick Tosches, too. There’s gold in those streams and this guy Pitts has panned some of it.”
— Jim Christy, author of The BUK Book: Musings of Charles Bukowski and The Long Slow Death of Jack Kerouac

“Pitts’s poetry slouches, grimoire in hand, tribal Bible underfoot at a cornfield crossroads…Jerry Lee pumps marching orders to Sherman’s charcoaled Georgia…Keef wailing incoherent chords…much madness, some prophecy, enter…this…history…at…your…own…sanity.”
— Chris Faiers, author of Eel Pie Dharma

Tender in the Age of Fury is the second collection of poems by Seattle-based Canadian poet Brandon Pitts. Pitts first came onto the Toronto lit scene in 2010 with the short story “The BC Crib,” published in the anthology Canadian Voices Volume II. In 2011, he was inducted into the prestigious Diaspora Dialogues as an “Emerging Voice” for fiction. He followed this with his novel Puzzle of Murders(2011) and then a poetry collection Pressure to Sing (2012). He is now based in Seattle, Washington and is aprominent figure in the city’s poetry scene.

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