Sweet Things

Bruce Meyer

Sweet Things

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Bruce Meyer's gems on writing, creativity, justice, life, death and much more are found embedded in every one of this flash fiction collection, Sweet Things: Flashes in the Dark. Read it. You will live with it for many years!

A major collection of "flash fiction" by one of Canada's most accomplished and renowned writers. The collection includes the prestigious Edinburgh Award for Flash Fiction 2022 story How to Draw a Frog and other award winning gems of the author's work. His flash fiction has been published in many countries, including Ireland, the UK, the US, Hong Kong, India, Nigeria.

Bruce Meyer's works have received very high international praise from numerous sources. The writer himself, perhaps, best explains his work:

"The challenge is for the writer to drill down into a fragment of the commonplace and make it into something more than anyone could have foreseen with the source. Isn't that what resides at the core of invention?"

"Stories are easy to begin but the real work resides in finishing them.."

"A successful piece of writing goes "Ping" and that is when all the parts come together and the memory of the piece doesn't leave the mind."


Bruce Meyer is the author of over sixty books or poetry, short fiction, flash fiction and literary non-fiction. He is also well-known as the voice behind various CBC radio's literature broadcasts The Great Books, A Novel Idea, Great Poetry, Poetry is Life and Vice Versa. He has taught at various universities, including University of Toronto, McMaster University, University of Windsor, Laurentian University, Notre Dame, Skidmore College, University of Southern Mississippi, University of Texas in Austin.. His many awards include being named Poet Laureate of the City of Barrie where he now resides with his family.


Flash Fiction
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