Silence's Roar - The Life and Drama of Nikolai Erdman

John Freedman

Silence's Roar - The Life and Drama of Nikolai Erdman

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“Erdman was a brilliant playwright… he wrote plays, but much more. Filmscripts, poetry, stories, what have you. Hi plaus are works of genius. They have not aged at all… Erdman was a man of unique and extraordinary talent.”
Yury Lyubimov, Director of the Taganka Theatre

Nikolai Erdman is one of the giants of Russian literature. He is best know for his play The Suicide, published by Mosaic Press in English translation. Stalin had this play banned and suppressed for over 50 years.

With ‘Glastnost’ the reputation and interest in the life and work of Erdman has been rekindled in the USSR and in the West.
Silence’s Roar – The Life and Drama of Nikolai Erdmanis the seminal work on Erdman and the literary and artistic period of his times.

John Freedman holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University. He has written numerous articles and essays and he now lives in Moscow where he works for ABC News / Prime Time.


John Freedman

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