Resistance and Survival: The Jewish Community in Kaunas 1941-1944

Sara Ginaite-Rubinson

Resistance and Survival: The Jewish Community in Kaunas 1941-1944

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“Ginaite’s recollections offer invaluable eyewitness testimony.”
-William Wolkovich-Valkavicius, Litanus, Lithuanian Quarterly

Resistance and Survival is Sara Ginaite-Rubinson’s memoir of the holocaust and the Jewish resistance movement in Lithuania during World War II. Her photo contained in this memoir is iconic in terms of the Jewish Resistance movement during WWII, and is featured prominently in the Holocaust Museum. First published in Lithuania in 1999, this book received very wide critical acclaim and is now considered one of the seminal works on Lithuanian Jewry during the Holocaust period. It is co-published with the Holocaust Centre of Toronto, UJA Federation.

Sara Ginaite-Rubinson remained in Lithuania after the War, graduated from Vilnius and St. Petersburg universities, earned her Ph.D., and became Professor of Economics at the University of Vilnius. In 1983 she emigrated to Canada and taught social and political science at York University in Toronto. She is the author of five books on economics and two further books on the Holocaust. Her numerous articles have been published in English, German, Russian, Yiddish and, of course, Lithuanian.



Sara Ginaite-Rubinson


Darius Ross, Karla Gruodyte

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