Red Coat Diaries : True Stories From the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Aaron Sheedy

Red Coat Diaries : True Stories From the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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The RCMP is one of the most renowned police forces in the world, with a great, legendary history dating back to 1873, originating in Canada as the Northwest Mounted Police. Over the past 150 years, or so, the RCMP has been the subject of numerous films, documentaries, has been regaled with a public lore not generally attributed to any other police force. Red Coat Diaries takes us into the Force as it really is today. All the stories have been written by members of the Force, based upon their own experiences. Some are stories of daring and duty, some are stories with a human face, some are even humorous. Taken together, Red Coat Diaries gives the reader a richer, more complete and authentic portrait of the Force and the men and women who serve in it. The stories include such titles as “Swallowers” about a drug cop, “Whale Cove” about Whale Cove, Nunavut, “Chance Meeting” about a horrendous sex assault, “Everything I Learned About Policing I Saw on TV,” a humouros look at TV and a real drug investigation. Other titles include “Haiti,” “Small Town Tragedy,” “Show me the Money,” “Dead Man’s Gun,” “Afghanistan” and many more.

Aaron Sheedy is a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with extensive experience both as an Officer and also as a writer. He writes both fiction and non-fiction. This volume is the first in the Red Coat Diaries series.Volume Two will be published in 2015.

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Aaron Sheedy

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