Red Coat Diaries : Stories From the Women of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Aaron Sheedy, Regina Marini, Veronica Fox

Red Coat Diaries : Stories From the Women of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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“In a time where police services across Canada are having difficulty recruiting women I found this book to be extremely motivating in promoting policing as a profession.”
– Jennifer Evans, Chief of Police, Peel Regional Police

“I am very pleased to endorse Red Coat Diaries : True Stories from the Women of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police which continues to document the remarkable and very unique stories that our female members (and spouses) have experienced in the Force since 1974.”
– Deputy Commissioner Marianne Ryan, Commanding Officer, Alberta Canada

Red Coat Diaries: True Stories From The Women of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is a must read. It will make you proud to be Canadian.”
– Ward Clapham, author, Lead Big: Discovering the Upside of Unconventional Leadership

On March 3, 1975 the first female RCMP police officers graduated from the RCMP training academy in Regina Saskatchewan. As they spread out through the country to begin their service they were the front of a wave that changed the RCMP forever. This latest volume of Red Coat Diaries chronicles true stories from the women in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and follows the hugely successful debut of the series. For this book, Aaron Sheedy teamed with fellow RCMP Members Veronica Fox and Regina Marini to bring together a unique collection of firsts, struggles, adventure and laughter that are all told by the women who were there!

The three editors have over 50 years of policing experience between them and have served from sea to sea in a multitude of policing capacities including local, national and international policing roles. All three are current serving members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and sought stories out from retired and active RCMP Members and Civilian employees from all walks of police service to build this poignantly Canadian anthology.

Aaron Sheedy has been a member of the RCMP for over a decade. He has served with several different detachments and edited both volumes in the Red Coat Diariesseries. He writes both fiction and non-fiction.

Veronica Fox is a member of the Richmond Detachment of the RCMP in BC where she worked in Media and Youth Investigation and discovered a passion for Marine Patrol. Veronica now works with high risk offenders as a member of the Behavioral Sciences Group at Headquarters in British Columbia. She holds a BA in Communication and Sociology from Simon Fraser University and a MA in Leadership from Royal Roads University.

Regina Marini has been a Mountie for over thirty years. From postings in Manitoba and Ontario she has performed the full gambit of policing duties including Highway Patrol, Financial Crime, high level Securities Fraud and major event planning. She holds a Law Degree from Carleton University as well as numerous policing related certificates and citations including “Long Service” and “Service With Distinction” awards. Currently she teaches College level Justice Studies courses and is the Professional Development Director for the Ontario Women in Law Enforcement.



Aaron Sheedy, Regina Marini, Veronica Fox

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November, 2015

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