Power of the Blood World - Bloodlover

Nancy Kilpatrick

Power of the Blood World - Bloodlover

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“Her vampires are metaphors for predatory energy.”
The National Post

“Nancy Kilpatrick is Canada’s Queen of the Damned.”
The Ottawa Citizen

“Horror has never been so poetically equisite before: move over Anne Rice for Nancy Kilpatrick”
Robert W. Walker, author of Basic Instinct and Primal Instinct

The fourth and final book Bloodlover from the Power of the Blood World series is set in 1960s London, England – where anything goes. Julien de Villier has been a vampire for close to six centuries, and now he’s searching for a companion. Jeanette Price is beautiful, smart, and wealthy from an inheritance combined with business acumen. She has plenty of melodramatic fantasies and Julien is only too happy to act them out as part of his master plan to make her undead. But Jeanette might not be the victim she appears to be, and Julien could have more than a clever rebel on his hands…

Nancy Kilpatrick tells the story of the vampire David Lyle Hardwick — a poet who for over a century has lived in the unholy world of the undead, resisting his thirst for blood. Zero, a beautiful, wounded mortal, is sent to destroy him but falls for his seductive power and together they set out in search of his enemies. As their torrid love affair grows, so too does David’s unspeakable tormented desire. He is becoming Nosferatu, and when his fury is unleashed who will be safe, not even his own kind…

Nancy Kilpatrick is an internationally renowned, award-winning author of 30 books, including 17 novels, 5 collections of short stories and has edited 8 anthologies. Her works are acclaimed in the genres of dark fantasy, horror, fantasy and mystery. Her highly praised series Power of the Blood World, published by Mosaic Press, has been translated into numerous languages including Spanish, French, German and Italian.

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