The Performance Handbook | Claude Webster

Claude Webster

The Performance Handbook | Claude Webster

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“This book is meant not only for artists, but also to business people, teachers, public speakers – in short, to everyone who must give a performance, no matter what kind. Having been forced to learn, at the beginning of my career, how to manage terrible stress on my own, I would have really benefited from a guide like this one!

Claude speaks to all those who feel stress and anxiety when faced with giving a performance. With the help of examples and suitable exercises, he guides such a person in his/her bat- tle with their fears and brings them to “know their inner alm.” Claude offers a means to enter into oneself and take advantage – physically, mentally, and emotionally – of all the conscious and unconscious resources of one’s brain in order to replace nervous- ness and anxiety with Pleasure.”

-from the Foreword by Yannick Nézet-Séguin

Claude Webster is recognized as one of the Leading opera coaches, pianists and accompanists in North America and Europe. During his professional life, he has developed a unique and successful method to assist performers overcome their anxieties, fears, and stress. He has trained as a psychologist and also knows the physiology of the body. He has developed a ser- ies of exercises, or tolls which have proved to be successful. He lives in Montreal. His website is

Chapters include:

•It’s a Mind Game

•Last Minute Tools – Physical manifestations and Psychological manifestations

•What’s your Goal? – Long term goals; Goals of action; Short term goals

•Calming your inner dialogue – Concentration tools; Centering tools

•Facing your Fear


Author(s) : Claude Webster

ISBN's: PB: 9781771615006 | PDF: 9781771615013 |  ePUB: 9781771615020 | MOBI: 9781771615037

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Publication Date : June 2021