Ontario in Transition : Achievements and Challenges

Jean-Louis Roy

Ontario in Transition : Achievements and Challenges

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“Jean-Louis Roy’s book comes as a shock and a delight. It is part reportage, part analysis of Canada’s largest province. The treatment is thorough, generous (almost to a fault), curious and deeply researched. Very few Ontarians will have…tried as hard as Roy to situate Ontario within contemporary Canada and the world. There’s a French expression for such a book tour de force.”
– Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe & Mail

Ontario in Transition is a unique contemporary look at Ontario from a distinguished Quebecer’s perspective. Scholarly, erudite, sensitive to the nuances of the Ontario reality, Jean-Louis Roy weaves a fascinating portrait of where Ontario has come from, where is it today and where is it likely to go in the future. Chapters include: The Ontarians, A Changing Economy and A Cultural Society.

Jean-Louis Roy is one of the most widely respected and renowned Quebecers and Canadians with a distinguished career in many fields. He was a Professor at McGill University and Director of the Centre for French Canadian Studies, a Director of the daily newspaper Le Devoir, President of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development from 1990-1998, Quebec Delegate General in Paris, Secretary General of the Agence de la Francophonie. In addition, he has been a visiting Professor at York University, University of Moncton and Chancellor of the Universite Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia.

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