On the Trail of a Lion : Ahmed Shah Massoud - Oil, Politics and Terror

A. R. Rowan

On the Trail of a Lion : Ahmed Shah Massoud - Oil, Politics and Terror

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“Rowan’s brief face time with the alternately icy, graceful and passionate Massoud offers some perspective on how Massoud became a product and an instigator of the political turmoil that has defined Afghanistan for more than 20 years.”

Publishers Weekly

In On the Trail of a Lion, author Andrew Ronald shares his experiences with the legendary Lion of Panjshir, Afghan leader Ahmed Shah Massoud. Killed mysteriously just two days before the Al Qaeda attacks on the World Trade Center, Massoud has been called the ‘Afghan Che Guevara’ for his vision of his country’s future and his will and desire to fulfill that vision. Ronald’s writings and anecdotes give us a deep and crucial insight into the character, beliefs, and personal makeup of one of Central Asia’s most intriguing and important personalities over the last two decades.

A. R. Rowan is one of the few westerners who actually met, traveled with, lived with, Ahmed Shah Massoud in Afghanistan. For many years and months, he attempted to meet Massoud. Then, after many futile efforts, he finally made it. He has travelled extensively throughout Asia and the Middle East and has been the Operations Director for a Canadian non-profit health organization.