Oli the Owl

Rebecca Bauer

Oli the Owl

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This is a story of Oli, an owlet who lives in a tree in a forest. The tree gets cut down and becomes the centerpiece of a celebration in a city 200 miles away. Oli remains stuck in the tree as he cannot yet fly. He is forced to travel this enormous distance from the forest to a city under very difficult conditions. Along the way he meets some intriguing characters who befriend and educate him. This journey helps him strengthen his personality and provide a knowledge base for him. The result is that Oli is transformed into a wise and influential Owl whose wisdom can make a difference to the world.

Rebecca Bauer states, “My story has a gentle environmental and deforestation message and provides many fun educational facts about the animal characters found in the forest. All of us, children, parents, grandparents, educators, must become more sensitive to the problems of deforestation. Owls have a special place in story-telling. The adventure of Oli the Owl is an amusing and instructive way to appreciate the wisdom of “a wise owl” so that we become more sensitive to some urgent issues of our planet.”

Rebecca Bauer comes from a writing family as her father is an accomplished journalist who encouraged her passion for creative writing. She is a respected Hospitality Executive and a committed Environmentalist currently working to make hotels and event space more sustainable. She lives in Burlington, ON and travels extensively throughout North American and globally always conveying her sustainability messages. Everywhere, she shares her adventures of Oli the Owl.


Pub Date: 2023

Available at your local bookseller or order from Mosaic Press / IPG(US)/ Gazelle Book Services(UK/EU) / Manda Group(Canada)

9 X 9 inches

36 Pages, Full Colour

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Lexile measurement ages 6-8

ISBN PB:      9781771616928
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EPUB:      9781771616942
MOBI:      9781771616959