New Poems by Henry Moscovitch

Henry Moscovitch

New Poems by Henry Moscovitch

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“I know you stand where none of us would dare, I know you kneel where none of us would guess, well-ordered and alone, huge heart, self-pitiless.”
– From “Stanzas for H.M.” by Leonard Cohen

“Moscovitch explores areas and concerns feared by most poets. Reading New Poems is an experience – intense, harrowing compelling…”
– Irving Layton

With a habit of destroying his work, few of Henry Moscovitch’s poems have ever made it to print. New Poems gathers together a series of Moscovitch’s surviving works and compiles them together in the last book published before he died in 2004. This collection includes a short foreword by Leonard Cohen, a long-time friend, who had a great admiration and respect for Moscovitch. Professor Seymour Mayne noted his early work had “a marvelous sense of the sharp and arresting image, drawn often from the urban environment of Montreal.”

Henry Moscovitch was born in Montreal in 1941. He was educated at McGill University and Columbia University. His first book The Serepent Ink was published by Contact Press when he was only fifteen years old. He second book was titled The Laughing Storm. Moscovitch died in 2004.