Mighty Melvin the Magnificent Mouse

Trevor Newland

Mighty Melvin the Magnificent Mouse

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“Newland uses his trademark exaggerated facial features and contorted torsos to introduce lovable Melvin the mouse in all his humorous hubris. Likewise Newland’s comedic artistry showcases the outlandish oddities and freakishness of the circus that are just too funny for words. Mighty Melvin the Magnificent Mouse sends up a new twist on a familiar formula that will have readers rolling on the floor with laughter.” — Midwest Book Review

“In addition to entertaining children, Newland aims to make history interesting for young readers. For example, the second instalment of the series will feature a royal balloon race and in the process explain why the Tower of Pisa leans. The third instalment will provide some answers as to why the famous Sphinx in Egypt has no nose.”— BC Book Look

“With pages full of peculiar and colourful illustrations, Newland dives into a fantastic and unique world of scallywag pirates… Greatly inspired by Asterix and Alice in Wonderland [… ], Newland honours the latter with a checkerboard floor on the book’s front cover. The book is a [in a] “rebellion against the cult of beauty in our society” [… ]” — Langara Voice

Everyone knows the world is divided into Biggies (who get whatever they want) and Smallies (who get whatever’s left). Not content with his lot in life as a Smallie, Melvin the Mouse leaves Mouseville and sets out to conquer the world’s Biggest Biggie in the world’s greatest circus. Oblivious the limitations of his size and armed with an outlandish sense of confidence, Melvin pushes past gorillas, lions and rhinos in his quest for the Biggest Biggie, causing maximum mayhem and chaos, but emerging victoriously as the world’s first “Biggie mouse.”

He may be naïve, unaware, and obtuse, but who needs brains when you’ve got (a very small amount of) brawn?

Trevor Newland’s first children’s book, The Scallywag Solution, was published by Mosaic Press in 2014. His writing has appeared in WestWord Journal and The Vancouver Review. As a former songwriter based out of Vancouver and Los Angeles, Newland has composed/produced music for television and radio, and has been reviewed by numerous newspapers and magazines, including Canadian Musician Magazine. Currently, he teaches literature and creative writing at Langara College in Vancouver and is working on his first wordless graphic novel.

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