Manitou Chronicles - Poems

Michael Latter

Manitou Chronicles - Poems

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“Michael Latter’s knowledge and experience as a freelancer in
prominent Canadian magazines, published poet and accomplished
photographer, makes him exceptional for his range and versatility.”
– Michael Walsh, Sheridan College

Manitou Chronicles collects Michael Latter’s poems about the Canadian North, uncovering the special beauty of the place prompted by his lengthy stay in this land. As George Coventry details in his Introduction to this collection, “Michael takes us on a spirit journey that echoes with the cries of wolves, the unutterable silence of the barrens, the merciful crackle of the campfire, the songs of the Anishnabay and the Cree, the bluster of new towns thrown up on an ancient land and then again…the silence.”

Michael Latter was born in London, Ontario. Latter graduated in journalism from Sheridan College and went on to be the Assistant Editor of the newspaper in Dryden, Ontario and editor of Heartland Northern Digest. A prolific songwriter and poet, he made over 50 albums of songs and instrumentals and his first collection of poems Lizard On A Scalding Stone, was published by Mosaic Press. While living in Northern Ontario, he was privileged to be involved with the local native people, and their beliefs and customs prompted the title of Manitou Chronicles.