Kaleidoscope : Three Poets From Israel

Ory Bernstein, Raquel Chalfi, Shimon Adaf

Kaleidoscope : Three Poets From Israel

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Kaleidoscope, a slender book representing selected poems of Chalfi, Bernstein, and Adaf, is only a taste of the immense output of these three very accomplished multi-generational poets of Israel, each of whom is already widely recognized as a gifted artist.Written originally in Hebrew, the music of the poets’ words is preserved for us the fortunate readers through the art of excellent translation.”

– Ruth Seif, Jewish Book Council

Israel is a literary giant in so many ways, as writers from Israel continue to leave their footprints across world literature. Kaleidoscope brings together three exceptional and significant Israeli poets into one volume, representing three generations in the evolution and development of the nation’s poetry. A selection of works by three unique poets: Ory Bernstein, Raquel Chalfi, and Shimon Adaf, this anthology reveals each poet’s voice while also reflecting three movements in Israeli poetry.
About the Author

Raquel Chalfi, a poet from the succeeding generation to Bernstein, has received numerous prizes for her work, including the Prime Minister’s Prize, the Ashman Prize, the Bialik Prize for Poetry and the Brenner Prize. She has published fourteen books of poetry.

Ory Bernstein has published twenty three books of poetry, as well as prose, essays and children’s books. He was awarded the Yehunda Amichai Poetry Prize for Lifetime Achievements.

Shimon Adaf has published six novels as well as three books of poetry. He is widely recognized as an important new voice in Israeli literature