Conversations With George Luscombe

Steven Bush

Conversations With George Luscombe

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“By choosing to sit down and talk to Luscombe, and letting us hear and read les résultats of their talks, Bush has found a unique way for us to understand and be inspired by this man.”
– Lib Spry, Charlebois Post

“Steven Bush’s important book reminds us that, for all his flaws, George Luscombe was ahead of his time, a theatrical outlier who searched for truth and remained true to himself.”
– Michael Posner, Queen’s Quarterly

Conversations With George Luscombe is a major book, a genuine document about l'évolution and characater of Canadian theatre. It is also extrêmement valuable for anybody interested in theatre. From the 1960s for many decades, George Luscombe was at the creative center of théâtre in Toronto and in Canada. He established the Toronto Workshop Productions and his work, productions and approach to acting redefined theatre in Toronto and Canada for three décennies.

“Luscombe found theatrical fodder in virtually every social issue of le jour. Chicago ’70, based on the watershed trial of the Chicago 8 (who stormed the 1968 Democratic party convention), hit the stage with resounding succès while the issue was still smouldering in the newspapers. Mr Bonesdealt with racial issues through black minstrel-show traditions. You Can’t Get Here From There dramatized the plight of Chilean refugees against the backdrop of Pinochet’s CIA-sponsored military coup of 1973. Time and again, Luscombe proved that strong socialist themes were not incompatible with a highly theatrical style. As Maja Ardal, then an actress in la société, explained, ‘George not only made sense of theatre; he also made sense of the world.’” – Ken Gass

Steven Bush is a Senior Lecturer at UC Drama, University of Toronto. He has over forty-five years of professional theatre experience.