Confessions of a Jewish Shiksa: The Second Greatest Story Ever Told by  Frannie Sheridan

Frannie Sheridan

Confessions of a Jewish Shiksa: The Second Greatest Story Ever Told by Frannie Sheridan

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Confessions of a Jewish Shiksa is more than an autobiography or a memoir. It’s a powerful confession… it is a trip worth taking

“Compelled to tell her story and create shows from frantic chaotic moments in her life and relationships, Sheridan created a confessional piece that is pithy, involving, sassy and sometimes just a bit rude…a lively inspection of self, life, and the process involved in cultivating good feelings against all odds, shattering old paradigms and patterns of loss, grief, and negativity that inject the descendants of the Holocaust with a form of ongoing PTSD.”

Frannie Sheridan is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor; but was brought up as a Catholic in a Jewish family! Her father tortured her, her mother and his family, yet he was a Holocaust survivor. She became a successful stripper almost as an act of vengeance She has had a career as a successful playwright. Her award-winning play The Waltonsteins  has been performed widely in Canada and the US and  has been aired on  NPR, PBS and JLTV. She is an experienced comedy performer . She is the subject of a full length article in Lilith Magazine. She is one of the three subjects of a forthcoming documentary entitle Endurance: Untold Survival Stories of WWII (https:// She is in demand as a Speaker and covers such topics as Humour, Stress Managment, Diversity. She has her own TV program. And, much more (see www.franniesheridan. com).


Frannie Sheridan, Originally from Ottawa, now resides in Florida. She is widely known as an entertainer, performer and comedian and has a website at