Boundless by Lawrence Klein

Mosaic Press

Boundless by Lawrence Klein

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An exploration of a highly unusual life — skier, entrepreneur, family man — with a relentless poetic bent!

“Lawrence’s path to poetry began during his ‘meditation vacation’ — a year spent in a Dutch penitentiary for marijuana possession. He described his first poems coming to him as if by divine providence — whole, complete. Poetry was his love language — how he expressed his care for his loved ones, his dismay about current events, and the small wonders and joys he found in life.”

— Talia Klein

In this book, Lawrence Klein shares his unique experiences, from his time in a Dutch penitentiary to the unexpected emergence of poetry as his means of expression. Join Lawrence Klein and a wild cast of characters on this remarkable exploration of life's mysteries through the poetic lens of a modern-day Renaissance man.

Synchronicity is when a random event

is linked together to create a “God Sent”

Outcome: When in retrospect no one could know

That in 2003 the American Psychiatric meeting in Toronto

Would lead to dinner with Howard Aster, publisher of Mosaic Press

With a guest, Poet Irving Layton, who regaled us with great excess

He recounted a tale of being in court with three ex-wives,

And each had a lawyer, in Solomon's legal guise,

On leaving, I recited my Poem, with great panache,

Irving's backhanded compliment was, “An Intellectual Ogden Nash!”

I then wrote Irving a poem, regaled by his performance at dinner.

Little did I know it would result in making me a winner

Of notoriety, as my poem was found in his file labeled “my favourite,”

After his passing, Concordia U. asked if they could publish it in his obit.

I replied: “Of course.” Then sixteen years later, Mosaic Press gave me a call,

Asking if they could publish my Poetry! I replied, YES — ALL

— Lawrence Klein

LAWRENCE KLEIN’s study of psychology informed his lifelong intention to instruct and repair. With Thought Technology Ltd. he helped to establish the brand-new biofeedback industry, all documented in occasional and passionate verse. Captivity, yearning, memory, and struggle are the universal themes to which Lawrence adds his personal voice. High on conviction and wonder he poetically ruminates on everything to be found in a universe.