Becoming a Francophile - A Half-Century Love Affair

Leonard Rosmarin

Becoming a Francophile - A Half-Century Love Affair

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Becoming a Francophile is the story of Leonard Rosmarin’s long and intense engagement with France that has lasted over fifty years.This engaging and absorbing text unravels for the reader the history and national character of France, while providing insights into the country’s literature, its physical landscapes and the manner in which the French conduct personal relations. Always insightful, and yet, humane and entertaining, Professor Rosmarin’s account of his love affair with France will enthral readers and is a unique and deeply personal voyage of discovery of a country, its culture, history, literature, idiosyncrasies and much more.


Leonard Rosmarin is Professor Emeritus of French Literature and the former Chair of the Department of Modern Languages at Brock University in Ontario, Canada. He is the author of fifteen books, including literary essays and translations. His recent French translations into English include Saint- Germain-des-Prés by Gérard Bonal (Mosaic Press, 2016) and French Artists in Nazi Occupied France by Werner Lane (Mosaic Press, 2019). Rosmarin is a specialist in 17th century French literature and he has been decorated twice by the Government of France for outstanding service in the cause of French Letters. Leonard lives with his wife in the Toronto area.