Anything is Possible - A Selection of Eleven Women Poets

Bronwen Wallace, Carolyn Smart, Erin Moure, Jan Conn, Libby Scheier, Lorna Crozier, Marilyn Bowering, Mary di Michele, Roo Borson, Rosemary Sullivan, Susan Glickman

Anything is Possible - A Selection of Eleven Women Poets

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“Anything is Possible…is the most powerful collective, feminist poetic statement to appear yet on the Canadian literary scene…It is impossible to do justice to the complexity of this book’s content…”
– Canadian Literature
Anything is Possible is innovative in a number of ways. It contributed to the early history of anthologies of Canadian women poets…creating ‘voices’ of different and differing origins. In addition, it provided a vehicle for intelligent academic women to display their creative talents.”
– Joseph Pivato, Mary Di Michele: Essays on Her Works

“It’s because di Michele places her own integrity so clearly on the line, because the poems do not lose sight of the mud in which they stand, that we follow her narrative, with trust.”
— Rosemary Sullivan, Books in Canada

“Global, tender yet sardonic, and perfectly in tune with a current, very sophisticated sense of the texture of ethnicity, di Michele never yields to simple notions or easy images.”
— Eric Folsom, Quill and Quire

“As with opera, it’s all in the voice, the lyrics, the inflection, the phrasing, the lack of false notes – and the passion. Most important, di Michele gives us a biographer’s sense of intimacy with her central character.”
— Pat Donnelly, Montreal Gazette

“Lyrical, metaphorical, yet also interrogative and unsettling, di Michele’s poetry explores the transformative powers of language, memory, and love.”
— The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry in English

Anything is Possible is a critically acclaimed and seminal anthology of women poets emerging in the ’80s including voices such as Bronwen Wallace, Roo Borson, Jan Conn, Carolyn Smart, and Susan Glickman.

Mary Di Michele was born in Lanciano, Italy and has lived in Canada since 1955. Her publications include Mimosa and Other poems (Mosaic, 1981), Immune to Gravity (McClelland & Stewart, 1986) and Debriefing the Rose (Anansi, 1998). She has publicase two novels – Under My Skin (Quarry, 1994) and Tenor of Love (Simon & Shuster, 2005).