After Hours by Darrell Epp

Darrell Epp

After Hours by Darrell Epp

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“In Epp’s second collection of poems, he explores diverse themes and imagery firmly rooted against a gritty postmodern backdrop.” – The Hamilton Spectator

“In his patron saint of underachievers I think he has achieved something quite wonderful.”
– Natalie Boldt, Canadian Literature

“A fun, sly jumble of poems that often tackle weighty issues”
– Jonathan Ball, Winnipeg Free Press

“In After Hours, Darrell Epp proves himself as adept at bricolage as he is at ventriloquism. That he manages to not only interpolate discrete, oblique, and temporally disconnected texts and cultural signifiers into his poems, but does so while remaining consistently tethered to the visceral reality of his native Hamilton, a city he describes in “No Sweat” as “awesome and oblivious/and no help at all,” is no mean feat.”
– Phillip Crymble, Hamilton Arts & Letters

“I enjoyed these poems immensely.”
– William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist

Finalist for the Hamilton Book Awards, 2017

In Darrell Epp’s latest collection After Hours, our hero awaits Dorothee’s return, while frankensteins invade Canada. Poltergeists patrol the hollowed-out manufacturing sector. The future’s a let-down; contingency plans are hastily constructed. Every moment’s an apocalypse as divine grace pummels Metropolis like a blizzard of fists.

Darrell Epp’s poetry has appeared in dozens of magazines around the world including Maisonneuve, Poetry Ireland, Sub-Terrain, and The Saranac Review. His previous poetry collection was entitled Imaginary Maps (2009). He lives in Hamilton, Ontario.