77° North

TP Wood

77° North

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An extraordinary debut novel - thematically significant, profoundly timely, magical in intent and execution....


Available for Pre-Order only. Publication Date: Winter2022/Spring 2023


The Author himself best defines the intent of this novel.


“First is to advocate Inuit culture, specifically the role of shaman. 77° North recognizes this ancient tradition and hopes, within the confines of this mythical adventure, we bring new perspective to the forefront for the stewards of the land, and their indelible right for self-actualization.


“Second is the status of women. Arguably the most oppressed group in all history, 77° North promotes feminine equality, and indeed prominence, in a male dominated world. Something that is long overdue.


“Third is my artistic desire to write a captivating and imaginative novel reflecting contemporary issues, and how we define ourselves as a country moving through the 21st century. Every life is a story, and 77° North acknowledges the vitality of our individual and collective journeys.


“My greatest hope is that 77° North stimulates the opportunity for each of us to add a little magic to our lives—the magic of forgiveness and healing. It is a magic steeped in truth and setting the record straight.”

77° North finds Inuit orphan and archaeologist Chulyin Nakasuk rejecting her shamanic powers. Chulyin's journey weaves through a fantastical world spanning myth and science where she battles legendary creatures and human avarice. An archaeological expedition leads her to Greenalnd where she encounters The Foundlings, the key to accepting her shamanism, her grief over the loss of a cherished uncle and ultimate discovery of the origins of life on earth.

TP Wood graduated from McMaster University with an Honours degree in English and History. He has been an Editor for three weekly newspapers and two corporate publications, has written executive speeches, screenplays and 30 years of private journals. He is an active member of the Canadian Authors Association and his poetry has been published in the Niagara Poetry Anthology, the Banister and Gravitas. This is his first novel. Novel

Pub Date: Winter2022/Spring 2023


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6 X 9 inches

300 Pages

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