Mosaic Press Announces Partnership with Cine-Books Entertainment Inc.

Mosaic Press is very pleased to announce that it has concluded an Agreement with Cine-Books Entertainment Inc relating to thirty new Mosaic Press titles for the development of digital books in the form of audiobooks, ebooks and illustrative audiobooks. The Agreement will be further expanded for many more Mosaic Press books in the coming months and years.

Mosaic Press recognizes that digital books are the new territory and the next frontier of successful publishing. Indeed, it is our belief that digitization and digital books, in many forms, have already changed publishing and will further transform publishing in the coming years.

With forty five years of publishing behind us, with a huge back list, with many new authors approaching Mosaic Press with exciting new proposals, we realized that there is a boundless future for Mosaic Press but only if it is willing to embrace further the digitized future of publishing. That digitized future is pushing the boundaries of how we think of publishing and must include all aspects of the digital transformations of content.

For a few years now, Mosaic Press has researched where we think publishing must move. We wanted to search out and be part of pushing that frontier forward.

Mosaic Press is very pleased that we have found a superb partner in Cine-Books Entertainment Inc.

“Cine-Books is a platform for literary rights holders providing full-cycle infrastructure for converting traditional ebooks to the innovative cine-book format, and for distributing them through the CINE-BOOKS store and other major worldwide distribution channels.

The Cine-Book format is the essential development for the publishing industry answering the latest trends as one of the key drivers of the e-book market and in the coming years is projected to be the development of e-reader applications with innovative solutions that bring user experience closer to reading a real book or even superior than that.”

Howard Aster, the Publisher at Mosaic Press, recently spent a week in Ukraine and had the pleasure of spending considerable time with Oleg Fonarov, the CEO and Daniel Lobazov, Publishing Rights Manager of Cine-Books. He says:

"I have considerable admiration and respect for what Cine-Books is doing and also for their clear vision as to how digital content can be further developed for the publishing industry. Oleg Fonarov has a proven track record as an innovator in the digital world and, to his credit, he is now focusing his considerable knowledge and resources into pushing the frontiers of traditional book publishing. It is a great privilege that Mosaic Press is now able to work directly with Cine-Books. I know that our partnership will grow and I hope that it will be an example for other book publishers to follow as well."

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